Business/Residential Customers

While we can and do handle residential customers, most of our customers are small and mid-size businesses. These customers understand the need for top quality service.


Remote Support

This is a large part of our business these days.

We can handle most of the software support issues over the phone remotely that used to require on-site visits. Even if we have never done business with you before, we can have you connect to our system and solve most software issues immediately without the need to make a service call.



We do everything from simple workstation setup/upgrades to complete office installations or relocations involving servers, workstations, cabling, printers, etc.

We do most of our own work and generally don’t farm out anything to third parties. I’m a control freak and subscribe to the old adage . . .

“If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

I have never been able to find anyone that will do the job with as much care and attention as I can do myself.

Obviously I was working with computers way before Windows was even thought about. However, I have used every (and I mean every) version of Windows from Windows 1.0 through Windows 7 and from Windows NT to Windows Server 2008 R2.


Software Installation

As a Microsoft partner, we handle and can install any Microsoft product from the simplest to the most complex.


Backup/Disaster Recovery Plans

Many companies don’t take disaster recovery seriously enough. There just simply is no excuse in today’s world of cheap, multi-gigabyte capacity hard drives not to have an adequate backup solution in place.

We can provide a backup solution custom tailored to your unique situation. If you need off-site backup, we can handle that as well. If you need redundant hardware, RAID systems or UPS enabled systems, that’s what we do.


Website/E-Mail Hosting

We can host your website along with handling your e-mail needs. While we certainly do website design, it is not our main focus. We handle the websites for our customers who need a web presence but who are not an We have web designers we work with for clients that have needs greater than what we want to handle ourselves.


Upgrades/Data Migration

We specialize in upgrades and data migration. During my 30 years in the computer business we have never lost a single customer’s data. If we’re given a system to upgrade the VERY first thing we do before ever touching the machine is make a complete backup. This is simply a smart thing to do and good insurance for us and the customer.

We can upgrade your existing machines with a new operating system or supply you with new hardware custom designed to your exact specifications ready to be plugged in.


Technical Liaison

We can provide an interface between you and third parties to help with getting the right services for your office such as new Internet/phone services, network attached copiers/printers, etc. We speak GEEK!


Data Conversion

If you have data that you need converted or massaged into another format we can handle that as well. We can programmatically read Excel files and transform the data to any format you need. Needless to say, we can also handle many other data types.


Data Recovery

If you have a crashed system and cannot get to your data, TURN YOUR SYSTEM OFF AND CALL US!!!

Anything and everything you do to a crashed system lowers the chance that you will be able to recover your lost data. Data recovery isn’t cheap but it could mean the difference between being in business and being out business.


PayPal – IPN Integration

If you have a website on which you want to sell a product and don’t want to go the whole “shopping cart” route, we can help you integrate a PayPal “Buy Button” on your website.


WordPress Blog/Website Setup

We can setup and/or host your WordPress Blog/Website.

We will get you up and running quickly so you can handle any part or the entire website after the installation. Or we can manage portions of the website while you manage the portions you feel comfortable with.


Proof Reading

Now you might think this is a strange service for a computer company to offer but we hate to see documentation, articles, instructions or anything else that is not only riddled with typos but obviously written by someone who does not have a command of the English language.

Like they say . . .

“You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Impression!”


If you are producing marketing material, documentation, sales letters, etc. and need an extra set of eyes to go over it to make sure every “T” is crossed and every “I” is dotted, we can provide that service.


PDF File Creation

We can take any document format and turn it into a PDF file.


Audio/Video Conversions

Give us virtually any format of digital media and we will convert it to whatever format you need. We can convert between audio and/or video formats. We can even convert cassette tapes, VHS and 8mm tapes to digital format.


PowerPoint Video Presentations

We can turn your PowerPoint presentations into a format suitable for viewing on any website with or without narration. You can even come to our office and use our professional recording equipment to narrate an existing presentation.


CAPTCHA Integration

If you know what this means, then you know that you need it if you have online forms, forums or blog comments that people will be completing. The little #$%@&’s that try to use your online forms for SPAM won’t get past the CAPTCHA since most of these are BOTS (unattended, automated Robots) that try to complete the form.


Google AdWords Campaign Management

Yes, we are VERY familiar with AdWords and can help you with keyword research, ad creation and AdWords campaign management.


Visual Studio Developer

Since I am a software developer as well as a network consultant I often use this as a competitive advantage.

Many times I have customers that need to automate a process. It takes writing custom scripts or code to get the job done. Your average computer tech isn’t going to have a clue how to accomplish this!


Hardware Repair/Upgrades

OK, it’s no secret, this is the least challenging/fun part of our job but nevertheless, a necessary evil. Yes, hardware breaks. Sometimes we can do the repair in the field and sometimes we bring it back to our office for repair. We always offer pickup and delivery service but if the customer can afford the time it will certainly be cheaper if the equipment can be brought to our office. Either way, our goal is to get you back up and running ASAP.


Networking/Wireless Networks

We can install anything from simple Wireless Networks to Multi-Server domain controllers, Microsoft Small Business Server, Microsoft Home Server and everything in between. We sell hardware as a part of our business. Most of our customers don’t want to be bothered with the details of what hardware to purchase. They simply know that they can trust us to supply the right product for the job at a competitive price.


Cable Installation

Again, this is not a main focus for us but if we are going to take care of a customer’s system, we want to know that the cabling was done right. It sounds simple but most cable installers don’t have a clue about what the needs of the IT department are. They simply run a cable from Point A to Point B. There is more to it than that.

If our customers need cables installed, we do it ourselves!


VPN/Remote Login Setup

We can help you get a VPN setup in your office if this is what you need or help get your office setup with secure remote access to individual desktop machines.


Peripheral Device Setup

We can setup any and all of your peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, web cams, surveillance cameras, NAS (Networked Attached Storage) devices, media streaming devices, routers, switches, etc.


Managed System Services

We provide remote system management services to customers who don’t have personnel on-site to take care of day-to-day computer needs.

We can make routine updates to websites, make sure all backups have completed without errors and keep systems running at top speed.


QuickBooks/Quicken Training

We offer training on Intuit’s QuickBooks and Quicken accounting software. We can provide account setup services (THE MOST IMPORTANT PART), general training and remote support for those times when you have an issue that you can’t solve.

As users ourselves of QuickBooks since 1990 and Quicken since 1992 we are intimately familiar with the workings of both products. We are part of Intuit’s QuickBooks advisor program and have trained many users on how to get the most out of both products.

We can also help you decide which product is best suited for you since there is some overlap in functionality between QuickBooks and Quicken when it comes to business use.



Services provided include:

  • Accounting system setup
  • Bank and credit card statement reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable management
  • Accounts Payable management
  • Payroll – paychecks, payroll tax reports and payments (Form 941/940), TWC, W2s, 1099s)
  • Sales Tax Report filing
  • Financial Reports



If you need a spreadsheet designed please give us a call. We can do everything from basic design to spreadsheets requiring VBA/Macros.


Utility Software Recommendations

I’ve saved the best for last.

Here is a statement I have made for years.

“Give me a slow computer with all the software I need to get my job done or give me a fast computer with only the OS installed and I’ll take the slow computer every time.”

In short . . . It’s the Software Stupid!!

Now, I don’t mean to insult your intelligence but without software a computer is just a very expensive paper weight. We have spent years learning what software utilities can help us function more efficiently in our office. Some of these are free and some are very inexpensive utility type programs. Think of the iPhone APP store. It’s these apps that have made the iPhone so popular.

These same types of small “apps” are what can make you much more productive on your desktop or laptop machine.


Our Guarantee


“If we can’t do what we say we can do, you don’t pay for it.”

. . . end of story.


We will be happy to provide you as many references as you need on request. We will give you owners’ names and phone numbers who have known us and used our services for years. If you are tired of dealing with the people that think they’re an expert because they can put together a computer from parts, then please give us a call. We are located in the North Dallas area but cover the entire Metroplex from DeSoto to Denton and Rockwall to Weatherford.

Give us a call today and let us help
you get on with your business.